One more thought on Never Wet Spray versus Ultra-Ever Dry. Yes it's true that Never Wet was planned for aerosol spray and Ultra-Ever Dry is a non-aerosol, 2-step process. However, for my cash and peace of mind I prefer the 2-step process and not buying a primarily gas-filled, non-environmentally conscious product. You will find a great video from the manufacturer; on the Ultra-Ever Dry Review site; which shows you the Step-by-step Application and easy clean-up of Ultra-Ever Dry. More Product value and peace of mind. Don't forget your PPE!

Really? That's all you have? NeverWet is an aerosol? Modern aerosols don't contain CFC's so they are fine for the environment. You also suggest some comfort in Ultra-EverDry's two-step system. Ahem. NeverWet is also a two step application. And the "mostly air" comment is meant to imply a better deal with Ultra-EverDry. I suggest you crunch the numbers by cost per identical item treated. Sigh. Can no one be rational?


That's not a review and barely a comparison.


This isn't really a very fact based review, and i feel its a bit biased.


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    Technology and Nanotechnology are a fascination. Ultra-ever dry is an amazing product which will certainly solve a huge array of ills and mishaps. Thank you for stopping by.


    February 2013